Fabric and food

I finally got around to ordering some thread from Wawak for my new serger.  I’ve had good experience with the company in the past with zippers, needles, and almost every type of notion, so figured I might as well try some thread.  I’ve never bought anything other than quilting cotton, so serger thread is new territory for me!  One of my quilting buddies is a serging pro and I’ve been picking her brain every chance I get.  I’m pretty excited…but still nervous.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to cut my fingers off.

As props to Wawak, I placed my order at 3:30 p.m. and my order arrived the next day at 11:00 a.m. for $4 shipping/handling.  That’s INSANE!  I was totally impressed — they’ve done me well in the past but just wow.  Mind blown.

I think for my first serger project I’m going to try a Stitch Upon a Time Merryweather tunic.  I made one several years back in a kind of space-dye knit, so I already have all of the adjustments I need to make it fit right for me…I just didn’t like how the seams and hems laid after everything because all I had was an old straight stitch and a machine that likes to zig zag only when it’s in the mood and you whisper the proper sweet nothings to it.  I think now that I have a proper serger and the ability to do a nice coverstitch that it will be a different story.  I also have the cutest TMNT knit that I think will be perfect for it!


Coincidentally, the knit was next to a pair of fleece TMNT pajamas that need to be repaired in my sewing room.  I sense a theme in my life.  😀

In the meantime, until I work up the bravery to plug in the serger, I’ll just continue to cook.  I received a spiralizer for Christmas from my in-laws and let’s just say that thing is going to get A LOT of use!  I love it!

Last night I made a spicy “ramen” zoodle soup.


That was Logan’s bowl.  He wanted some extras in his soup that I didn’t put in mine: bamboo, lotus root, enoki mushrooms, and sauteed fish cakes.

I tried all of the additions except the fish cakes.  His trying to sell them to me as “gelatinous fishy cubes” didn’t go over so well.  😛  They looked more like a stinky tofu and I’ve just recently accepted the texture of extra firm tofu…let’s not go throwing mystery, smelly fish into that mix.

I’ve never been a fan of bamboo but what we get from the Asian market is world’s better than the canned stuff at our grocery store so maybe someday I’ll welcome it.  For now, I continue to try it every time I cook with it.  There’s something about you have to get used to something before you like it, right?  At least I don’t spit it out and want to scrape my tongue after eating it like I do with the canned stuff…

Also, enoki mushrooms aren’t the worst.  I hate mushrooms as a rule — the only ones I’ll willingly eat are morels — but enoki were different enough without the dirt flavor that I could also see myself eating them in the future.  They were delicate, not over powering, and definitely fun to play with, so those are all huge pluses.

Lotus I can take or leave — it just ended up being sauteed on a higher heat to soften it rather than cooked in the soup with the faster cooking ingredients (zucchini, baby bok choy, tofu, etc…).

Tonight is hot dogs.  I’m breaking out my cousin’s grandmother’s Michigan sauce recipe!  So yummy.  🙂




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