I still haven’t found the motivation to do much of anything except try to recover from the trip.

The burst pipe was located and fixed.  It’s amazing how such a little hole could spew two inches of water everywhere so fast.


We had two days of warm temperatures — it actually got into the 60s yesterday!  …but those warm days caused more mayhem than good.  The rivers warmed up enough for the ice to break up and then cause some crazy ice jams and there’s some wicked flooding in the area.  Last night it also started raining, then the temperatures dropped fifty degrees back to the teens and we had a flash freeze.

Welcome ice coating everything! I can handle all of the snow winter wants to throw my way but ice is a whole new ballgame.

I spent a good portion of the evening trying to chisel free the steps and salt what I did free up.  It’s hard to believe how thick the accumulated ice is!  All I can say is I’m glad I have some microspikes for my boots or I probably would have went flying down the stairs today.


The driveway is a lost cause and the road is still slick, even though trucks have been running all day.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get out to tomorrow or not for grocery shopping.  We definitely need to get an AWD vehicle for our hill…

In other fun news from the holidays, my hair decided it was time to be teal while I was visiting VA.  Most of the old green/blue/purple had faded out, so it was bleached blonde on the bottom (with lots of panic — I don’t do well as a blonde, even if it’s for half an hour) and then slathered with a much more fun color.  We just bleached the part of my hair that had color before, so the top is still natural.  It’s fun ’cause when I pull it back or braid it, it still looks normal at first glance and from the front.  One of our friends didn’t even notice the color until I unbraided it the second day he was around me.  😛


I’m not a contributing member of society, so why not?  😛  If/when this color inevitably fades, I’ll do an all-over-dye with something else.  The hairstylist I’ve gone to all of my life bleached it to a brassy color (instead of a bright blonde) that complements my natural color really well, so I suspect an all-over color will make it look almost ombre.   …at least I hope.  It’ll be fun to find out what happens either way when the time comes!


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