Trip summary

We made it back alive (sort of) from our ever-insane Christmas travel extravaganza!

Insane because we somehow manage to fit four Christmas celebrations, a few birthdays, and a New Years Eve party into our trip south…along with one night of having to suffer through the southern fascination with college football.  >_>;;

Highlights of this year’s trip?

We smuggled away Grandmother’s cheeseball recipe!

I’m not sharing that recipe with anybody — it’s mine, precious, mine!

This amazeball serger and coverstitch combo machine landed in my lap:


Have I learned to use it yet?  Nope!  Do I pet it every time I walk by it?  You bet’cha!

Grandmother’s sweater fit!!!

Mom’s necklace held together!!!

Logan’s mom discovered the recipe hiding away somewhere to his favorite holiday cookie that his grandmother used to make, which I think is similar to a pecan meltaway now that I’ve tried them.  He was and is super ecstatic to have them again.

Logan and I got to meet our niece — his sister’s 10ish week old daughter — for the first time.  Logan had never held a baby before and he looked very much like a panicked T-Rex when he did.

The New Years Eve party with our friends was better than it has been in years.  I’m not really sure why, either, but it was.  Good food, good company, I guess.   …and “really sharp cats”.  Turns out some of us aren’t so good at the game “Heads Up”, or at least not at describing porcupines.  ;P

I’ve also made it a point to reconnect with old friends.  I’m normally really introverted and antisocial…but what if other people are too?  So, I’ve reached out and found a few.  It has been so, so worth it.  I think it made a difference in both my sanity and happiness while traveling and having to watch back-to-back college football games.  Definitely not my thing.

Now, to try to finish cleaning up the lower level of my house after a pipe decided to burst this morning and flood everything.  Who’s glad it burst the morning we came back and not while we were gone?  This gal!

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