Back in my crafting room for a bit.

Just wanted to throw out a quick crafting update.  I haven’t been doing much lately, as I’ve been distracted with other things, namely trying to help Logan tackle the epic amount of parts breakdown and disassembly of stuff in his lab.   …but there has been a small amount of progress!

The first and happiest of news, I had a package arrive at my house last week.  I’m pretty sure the people over at TheFabricMarket had to sit on it to get it closed.  It definitely took the “if it fits, it ships” thing to the limits.


In it was the ultimate of fluffy treasures:  the llama minky!  I love it, it’s perfect.  It matches the cotton I already had for the flimsy quite well for an internet purchase, so I can’t wait until I have the time to really cut into the fabric and start making this quilt!


I’ve also made some progress on the cardigan front.


The little green markers are where I was designating the cabling on the sleeves.  I’ve made a good bit of progress since that photo and only have about 9 inches of the body left to knit.

When I finished the last skein of yarn I was using, I decided to switch over to working on a sleeve since I’ve never done one of those before and was worried it was be needlessly tedious.  I didn’t have any dpns in the same size, so I just used my smallest cable (8″) and so far it has worked fine.  I do have to decrease every 6 rows, so it may become an issue further along and I’ll have to buy some dpns in that size, but for now, it’s not a problem at all.  I am glad I started the sleeves early, as turning all the bulk of the cardigan around and around to make the sleeves in the round is annoying as anything.  Adding another 9″ worth of cardigan and yarn weight would only exacerbate that.


Lastly, Mom’s husband bought some My Pillows and they came with some little travel size pillows.  Mom laughed hysterically when she saw that the cases for the travel sized ones were $15 each on the site — the pillows are already ridiculously expensive — and asked if I’d make them a few.

Mom regularly gives me their old sheets after they’ve torn or something else; I typically use them to make muslins for clothing patterns or as foundations for fussy quilt blocks.  This time, though, I used one of their sheets to make the pillow cases since it had a nice high thread count (and obviously was to their taste and color scheme).  I chose to make envelope cases, a little smaller than the pillows so they’d be nice and tight on them.  I personally get annoyed at floppy pillow cases, so if they don’t like them, I’ll remake them.  They took all of 5 minutes and 4 seams, including the French seam, to sew. 😛

Joule helped, as is her way.


I’ve also had the chance to throw a bit more of the PMC3 paste on my project of ultimate nervousness.  I had to order a new batch of it and the new container was in much better condition and actually a workable slip, which makes me wonder if the old one hadn’t been tampered with or purchased and returned — it was dried up a bit and didn’t have a seal (which I didn’t know to expect since it was my first time purchasing it and an online order).  I was able to reconstitute it since I’m comfortable working with clay but otherwise, it would have been a nightmare the first time around.  I’m much happier with this container of it, as there is nothing to fiddle with, it’s perfectly workable right out of the box.  I’ll update that one this one with photos after it’s actually fired in a few weeks.  *nervous*


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