Living in a bubble

I really do need to lock myself into a protective bubble for a few days.

After skinning my finger on Friday, I walked into a corner hard enough on Saturday to bruise myself to a pretty shade of purple up my right thigh.

Sunday, while I was staining lumber for the bookshelf (and staining myself to the point it looks like I’ve gotten tribal tattoos) — no, I haven’t finished building the shelf yet; oh, the problems of not having enough space inside where the shelf is going — Logan started waving a gross looking leaf in my face.  He said it fell off of a tree.

No joke.  It’s autumn.  Lots of leaves are doing that.  He insisted I go back and look at the tree anyway, though, as it was my precious peach tree and he hasn’t shut up about it for a week or more.  He says it has looked sick and wouldn’t let it go.

Sure enough, the peach sapling isn’t just sick, it’s dead…and on the way back around the house, as I was wading through the taller than normal, tick-infested grass, I stepped in a hole and twisted THE ankle.  It’s super swollen and angry again and I’m super angry at the whole thing.  Logan knew about the hole but didn’t decide to fill it until after I re-injured my left ankle that I sprained so badly six months ago and that never healed right.

In brighter, less bitchy, news:

I received a package yesterday!  I signed back up for Amazon Prime for the season, and it’s already worth it. 😛

I decided to treat myself to some blocking mats that are actually gridded — I normally block on our fold-out couch.  Whatever works, right?  But since I’m making something that is actually going to need to be sized to fit somebody else, I thought a little splurge to treat myself.  I look forward to using them!  I’m also excited that I can steam projects on these and tote it around the house, instead of being stuck in one room with it and having to wet-block it.

The real purpose of the Amazon order was to get finger bandages.  I ended up ordering some IV3000 bandages since they have a better moisture transfer ratio than Tegaderm but also have a low reactivity for people with allergies and similar general purpose — I saw them recommended on an IV board.  I’ve always been bad about maceration when I wear any sort of bandage or even gloves for a long time — you know when you wear a bandaid and sweat under it or if it gets wet and your skin turns that weird pruny, white?  That’s hyperhydration of your skin and can lead to breakdown of the skin (one example is bedsores).   …so if I’m wearing a complete coverage bandage, I’m especially leary of one that doesn’t breathe well.

I put on an IV3000 last night and so far, so good!  It usually takes about a week for me to start to develop an itchy rash to a new type of adhesive anyway, so maybe by then I’ll be healed enough that I won’t need a bandage anymore.  😀  These bandages are actually pretty cool.  If you have a strong stomach for finger injuries, look at McClellan on YouTube, the recoveries are pretty mind-blowing.

Personally, I’m enjoying being able to bend my finger again.  I also like that the bandages are super thin, to the point I can feel through them and even use my phone.  I’m going to kick back in a bit, ice my ankle some more, and try knitting…and hopefully the yarn won’t hurt through it; by the time I wrapped it around my finger, I have five layers of bandage over the actual wound because of the way it folded (only one is stuck, the other four are just dog-eared over it), so it’s providing a bit more padding there.


The bandage is wrapped completely around my finger and folded on itself.  You can kinda see where my skin is gone and healing — it looks brownish and darker pink through the film.  It’s healing up quite nicely, actually.  I still had the tiniest bit of serous drainage yesterday from the deepest, widest cuts and where three of the deep cuts joined together (a drop of serous fluid is nothing to worry about, just means it’s healing!).  My finger was still pretty sore yesterday but as of this morning, there’s no pain except if I press relatively hard on it.  I’ll take that as something is going right.  🙂


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