Well, shit.

I’m not even going to sugar-coat it, last night I screwed up.

Screwed up, how?

I peeled the inside of my finger like a banana with some spring steel.

Potential energy hurts when it’s released!


The steel uncoiled unexpectedly and got me good; it skinned a few knuckles on both of my hands and whipped my arms, but my right index finger really took most of the damage.  It sliced off a chunk of skin about 1/4″ wide from my fingernail down to my second knuckle.

Luckily, I once had a doctor tell me my body’s “fight or flight” response was awesome (it’s awesome until you have to have your finger pricked five times for a drop of blood and the nurse is crying over it).  I had already stopped bleeding by the time I had scrubbed off all the graphite and oil from my hands.

Fun fact for people who are new to my medical mishaps: in the past few years, I’ve developed an allergy to every adhesive that has been tried (break out with scarring rashes), hence the hilarious gauze hiding the open wound.  I really do need to get some tegaderm tape — it’s the last recommendation of sticky, protective hope from my dermatologist.

The real pisser is that I use my right index finger to tension and throw my knitting yarn, so I have to figure out a work around for the bandage sooooon!!!  I use my left middle and index when crocheting so maybe I can play with some scrap yarn and learn to adapt?

I did get to knit yesterday before hurting my hand and made some good progress.  I also seem to be birthing a mini schnauzer.


It looks symmetrical, so let’s just hope it continues to grow as that way and will fit Grandmother when I finish it!  I’m just nine or ten more increases away from dividing off the arms and I’m actually pretty excited about that.

Aside from the weird cable in the center to change the direction of the ropes, I’ve had very few complaints — just two — about the pattern and I hope it stays that way.   I’ll note both gripes if I need to on my Ravelry project because one is an easy change (add some markers because the pattern just says to moss stitch to the cable pattern) and I think it would help other people that make this sweater.  The other has to do with the gauging so only time will tell if that is a real concern.  I will be pissed if I make the whole thing and it winds up like I fear it will.  The gauge is done in moss stitch but so far the whole project seems constrained by the cables.  I cable way, way tighter than I normally knit and they aren’t going to expand much in blocking, even if I do so aggressively.  I also had to go down two needle sizes to get the moss stitch gauge right.  …so this better not end up a child-sized sweater!  *fret*

Thank goodness Grandmother is lovely and petite!  So there is some wiggle room in sizing.


My giant genes came from somewhere else, for sure.

I also managed to get the grape juice as close as I think I’m going to get it.

Logan hates juice.  Hates it.  To the point he once told his mom he’d leave a woman that drank it.  Now he’s helping me make it.  XD

I think it helped seeing what was going into it and getting to play with adjusting the flavor.  Plus, homemade grape juice actually tastes like grapes (not the abomination in stores) and he was in love with the Concords because he said they tasted like the green grapes his parents grew when he was little.  Nostalgia wins us all over.


These grapes were so sweet and otherwise not as flavorful as we liked by the time they were juiced, so we ended up doubling the grapes and halving the sugar in the end to get the right concentration of flavor and tartness that a proper grape has.

We had a few leftover grapes but not enough for another pint, so we made the jar on the left extra grapey.  We’re looking forward to it.  Or, rather, I am….but Mr. Cries When He Has To Drink Juice said he wants to try it.  Progress?  I swear,  Logan really is 31, not three.

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