Little things

I’ve been wiffle-waffling over Grandmother’s Christmas present.  I think I want to make her a cardigan this year.  I’ve never made a sweater, so no pressure, right? 😛

I picked up some lovely yarn at Michael’s the other day when I was out adventuring.  I was surprised that I liked it — I usually can’t stand the feel of acrylic yarns, but this one was nice and soft if I make something for Grandmother, I want it to be machine washable.  This fits the bill and is her favorite color!


Isn’t that such a beautiful blue?  I couldn’t resist nabbing it.  It also didn’t hurt that the guy at the checkout counter scanned a 25% off coupon for me.  Thanks, dude!  🙂

I’ve been spending a lot of time over a Ravelry drooling at patterns and I think I’ve narrowed it down to three contenders.  Hopefully I’ll get it down to one by this week and get a swatch gauged.  I haven’t knit much singularly lately (I’m a huge fan of double knit), so I’ll probably be quite slow at throwing yarn around.

The ones I’m contemplating are:

Really Fits Cardigan — I like the straightforwardness of the pattern and that it looks surprisingly good on every single person that has it in their projects.  What I don’t like is that it looks like any other sweater you could buy at any given store and the rows upon rows of stockinette.  If I drop then twist a stitch (which is my biggest knitting sin and I do it often), it’s going to be painfully obvious and I’m horrible at putting in lifelines, so there will be lots of tinking to fix things.  It looks easily modified to add buttons or clasps, which is also a plus.

Chimney Fire — I love that this one doesn’t look like anything you’d buy “off the rack”.  It’s fun and funky and Grandmother is quite the modern woman, so it seems appropriate.  I also really like that it has moss stitching instead of just straight up knitting, so is more likely to hide my mistakes, even though the pattern is a bit more complicated.  Plus, I love cabling.  Somebody in the projects added a zipper, which is even better than fussing with matching buttons and buttonholes.  I can sew a mean zipper!  …or I could just leave it be and let her fasten it with a copper brooch I made her several years back.  The downside is it’s a bit more boxy than the other two, though it does still look nice on all the ladies in their projects.

Constant Carving — This is probably the most classic looking cardigan of the ones I’m mulling over, which is it’s biggest plus.  Classic = classy…and though she is modern and fun, Grandmother is also very classy and put together.  I like the idea of how this particular cardigan is assembled and like the look of it overall.  The one thing I don’t like about it seems to be the sizing/fit — it seems very clingy on almost every single person, to the point you can tell where bras and pant-lines are.  Without having Grandmother here to test the cardigan every step of the way, I’m afraid I’d end up making her the wrong size — the sizing jumps are inconsistent and I’m basing sizing on the clothing brands/sizes that I know Grandmother regularly wears.  The first size with this pattern has 1.75 inches between it, then another has 2.75, followed by a .50 inch step…so it’s really bizarrely sized.  She’s very petite and I’m built more like a linebacker and outgrew her when I was in 6th grade, so I have absolutely no way of being an accurate judge on this particular pattern.

….and it looks like I just talked myself out of using Constant Carving, regardless of how classic it is.  I guess blogging is useful for something!

In other life news, the water main in our housing development broke this weekend.  Our weird little community has a shared well and I guess the pipes are probably 60 or 70 years old now.  They were able to repair it after we’d been without water for a day — it’s amazing how thirsty you get when you can’t turn on your faucet!  They’re chemically treating the water temporarily (yuck!) and we’re on a boil order from the Health Department until further notice.  The water came back orange when it did finally arrive, so we just bought several gallons and have been rationing it out instead.  The water is clear now, but I definitely didn’t want to use it at first!  Now I at least feel safe showering in it.  I look forward to being able to drink our water again — bottled water just isn’t the same.


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