Since I’m finally done posting about the adventures in Scotland and the Irelands, I can return to mundane life again!

…which has been anything but boring lately.

The dogs caught a baby bunny last night and injured it.  It escaped by the time Logan pulled the big dog off and alerted me, so I can only hope its okay.

The wax seal on the toilet in Logan’s bathroom sprung a leak…and that is the bathroom we haven’t remodeled yet, so it was still carpeted.  …meaning the already gross carpet was now soaked with dirty toilet water.  It had to come up.

The cutoff valve for the toilet was also broke, so I replaced that and exchanged the flushing mechanism with a duo flush low flow variety while the toilet was off the drain.

After the dirty work, I made a stuffy for Logan’s niece to be.  He wanted me to make her a penguin for Christmas.  He chose the colors and pattern.  I’m still not a fan of this designer.  Her patterns are adorable but the execution is poor.  I had to alter a few pieces, add seam allowances even though she says they’re included, and completely change construction at some points.  I wish I had tossed the instructions altogether, then I would have ended with stuffing via a ladder stitch up the back instead of cursing while trying to sew a stuffed head to a stuffed torso and leaving it a weaker joint.  I may remake this one later if I care enough.


I also got in a bit of stitching.  This whole project has been slow as molasses.


Finally, I decided to make Grandmother a facecloth to go with the Scottish soap I brought her.  It’s a bit of a joke, really,  as we didn’t see a single washcloth the entire trip.  It was really frustrating, actually.

I wanted to do a bit of cabling, so chose this pattern: Woven Lattice Washcloth with Crocheted Edge

I started it in a variegated blue yesterday but the pattern wasn’t showing well enough for my tastes,  so switched to a pretty, solid mint.


I just have two more repeats and the crocheted edge to finish.  It’s nice having a quick project for a change!


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