I’m home!  It feels good to be home.


When is The Onion ever wrong?!

L asked before the trip if I was as stressed the last time I went abroad.  Not at all.  I was super excited!  I didn’t have to worry about anybody else then.

I spent this entire trip as a big bundle of nerves.  Part of that could have been trying to navigate while L was driving on the left side of the road — I only screamed in horror once — but most of it was trying to juggle all of the responsibility of trying to keep everybody else happy and the tension low.

On the bright side, I’m home and I can take a nap…which I plan to do after I finish unpacking.  Naps fix just about everything.  😀

Somehow my “personal item” backpack is bigger than my suitcase.


I’m not sure how that happened, but it worked well throughout the trip and I had plenty of room to bring things home from the trip.  Not that I brought home a lot; a couple of things for me and I picked up a few things for Grandmother along the way.

I ended up getting her a small pin with her maiden name coat of arms as the kitschy tourist thing I always bring her back from my travels, some blueberry and willow soap from Scottish Fine Soaps Co. that smells absolutely divine, and a budvase from Galway Irish Crystal.

I ended up with a tea towel with highland cattle (aka “hairy cow”) on it…because cows.

Seriously, how adorable are these cows?!   …and the first official photo from the vacation photos!  I’ll post a batch of them at some point later.

Day 02 (32).JPG

I also got my family highlands clan pin because it seemed fun and the always important yarn.

The first yarn I picked up on the Isle of Skye, Scotland at a cute little yarn and knit shop.  The yarn itself is Isle of Skye and Dorset sourced and isn’t dyed but achieves the beautiful gray color from having an 85/15 mix of the two different wools.  I picked up two skeins to have enough to properly play with.  I absolutely love this shade of gray and that it was achieved without dye.



The second yarn I ended up with was from Graig-na-managh, Ireland (though I snagged it in Dublin since we didn’t go that far south) from a bit more of a commercial source, albeit one with roots so old that it’s incomprehensible to somebody like me.

I ended up choosing this yarn because it came with the pattern and buttons to make a set of flip-top mittens, which I love and know I’ll wear.  It also saved me the effort of trying to figure out how much yarn I would need and what I would use it for on the spot.  Does that make me horribly lazy?  The color is “Purple Heather” so that seems appropriate for the vacation.


…and to welcome me home, Joule immediately stole the yarn and buttons as I took the picture.  I even managed to catch one of her in the act of taking it.


Thankfully she dropped it about halfway across the room and didn’t unwind any of it, which is her normal modus operandi with yarn.

She broke into my crafting room while we were gone (even though I had barricaded it) and I found her sleeping behind a sewing machine yesterday when we came home, with the fabrics I had ironed and laid out now nested into a cat-fur covered bed.  I’m glad to know that she watches over things for me while I’m gone. 😛

Now, did somebody mention something about a nap?



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