Panic Mode: Initiate

I have a doctor appointment on Wednesday and I’m not prepared for it.

Mom and her husband arrive on Thursday.

We LEAVE on Friday for our adventure overseas.


I’m so not prepared.  I want to be prepared — my suitcase is packed — but I’m not prepared at all.

So what have I been doing instead?

Anything and everything.

Knitpicks is phasing out their diadem yarn and I’ve been pining over for it years but could never justify the 17.99 price tag.  It’s 10.79 now, so I bit and bought some in DK weight since I prefer working with it to Fingering weight.  Now or never! I don’t know what I’m going to do with it yet, but I got enough to do a small shawl or something (thinking maybe Carol’s Clever Little Shawl?).

I got it in black (of course) since it’s for me.  Here’s the photo I stole from their site:


Doesn’t it just look so shiny and pet-worthy?  I just want to shove my hands in it already and roll around in it.  It’s baby alpaca and silk.  How can that not be absolutely luxurious?

L also picked out fabrics for a baby quilt he asked me to make for his niece, due in October..  I’m using a super quick and simple pattern called Tiny Trails.  It only takes five FQs and a bit of yardage for borders and backing.  Due to the size, you can birth the quilt but I decided to do it QAYG since L wanted a gray “silk” binding (aka polyester blanket binding) put on it since that’s what both he and his sister had the same material on their baby blankets.

Here’s where L was playing with the layout on my design wall earlier tonight:


I miscut the pink flower blocks so have to go back to the quilt shop for another FQ — don’t cut something at 3″ when it should be 3.5″!  There’s no saving that if you don’t want extra seams!!!

His sister is apparently decorating the nursery with gray and that’s about all he had to go on.  The gray in the center is a silver printed alphabet and the other gray print has little rabbits on it — L is super partial to rabbits since his childhood toy was “Brown Bunny” so this quilt definitely has a bit of him in it.  The backing will be the same stitched hearts material that’s in the quilt.

I also got the “Intertwined Border” portion of my Skill Builder sewn and written.  Well, mostly sewn.  Sewn as much as I’m going to before I leave.  I’ve not been in the mood to bother with it overly much, but it’s sewn enough that I could do a tutorial and that’s all that matters.


…and with that, it’s back to the biggest source of procrastination in this house:  Don’t Starve Together.

Because there’s nothing better than wasting time playing a pointless survival game when there’s a ton of stuff you should actually be doing. 😛

Worse, L and I just added mods so that we can both play additional characters.  I’m currently Hitsugaya from Bleach and he’s Guts from Berserk.  We need to learn to be productive.  Currently 201 hours in game.  Ugh.



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