Critter overload

Yesterday was the 4th anniversary of Joule’s “Got’cha” day.  She was so itsy bitsy back then.  ❤


…and today is Mitzi’s 6th birthday.  She won’t sit still for a photo tonight, so I’ll share a photo from her Got’cha Day instead too!


I, apparently, have a thing for snuggling up with my critters.

It still happens.

Thorin had his annual check-up today.  Usually Mitzi would go on doggy day too, but since she had dermatitis, she got her physical two weeks ago with the cats instead.  Thor got a clean bill of health as he always does.

Normally we don’t let the big guy sleep with us — he’s too big and furry, even for a king size bed.  Last night, though, I let him up knowing he had a vet trip today.  He’ll also get to sleep with us tonight as a reward for letting the vet cut his nails.  He doesn’t know that’s the reason but I’ll do anything I can to keep positive associations rolling around vet days.

Thor normally sleeps at the foot of the bed when he’s allowed up, but he’d weaseled his way to the middle and was sideways across the bed, licking and sucking on my hand.

I laughed hysterically but he wouldn’t quit, and Logan woke up and took a photo of it.  Afterwards, Thorin kept giving Logan shifty eyes like “please, don’t make me stop.”

WTF, dog?!  No shame.  My hand was slimed.  So gross.


I guess it was technically Mitzi’s birthday then, so there’s her annoyed for being woken up look at 2 a.m.

She does not like sharing her bed with another dog.

Our lady Flycatcher was up to her shenanigans again too.

She’s so regal, isn’t she?


She proved that she doesn’t need a man to look out for her.  I’d thought about calling her Maria after the Westside Story gang-fight he’d initiated the other day, but after yesterday, I’m thinking she’s probably more of a OITNB Frieda.  Logan doesn’t watch OITNB but I may have to gather some Frieda clips just for this reference; she’s one of the few characters I watch the show for and I think he’d appreciate her as well.

She beat the absolute tar out of a robin.  No word is in yet on whether or not he is the one that has been singing endlessly for days near her box.


I honestly thought she may have killed the poor guy at first, he was laying in the grass for a good 10-15 minutes, with his beautiful red breast up and shining.  Then he finally flopped over and sat there panting and fluffed and frazzled for another good 10 minutes like in the photo.  He finally started checking his wings and seems to be a bit tender on his right one, but finally started hopping around and flew away about an hour later.  I’m glad he did finally fly away; I was about to go check on him and then would have had to contacted the local wildlife rehabilitation expert if the little guy really did have a damaged wing.  I believe a lot of nature just needs to do its own thing but I would have felt the need to intervene if a critter was hurt in my backyard and I could’ve done something.


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