With a few days of sunshine, we finally have a few things blooming around here!


My first peony opened up.  I’m not sure why this bright reddish pink one always beats the rest of the peonies by a week or so, but I’m not complaining at finally having a bright pop of color in the front of the house!


All of our irises opened overnight.  It was spectacular waking up to find them.  We have a few fancier ones scattered about in our flower beds, like above, most most are the wild blue ones and line the forest where it’s marshier.


I thought I’d throw in a photo of some black currant blossoms while I was at it.  I’m still very excited to have these!  Not sure if they’ll develop into berries — there are actually quite a lot of them on the little bush that has really taken off — but I’m happy to see the plant is doing so well for being new.


…and chives!

Normally our chives don’t get much of a chance to blossom — we eat a lot of chives around here and our big dog, Thorin, likes to eat the blossoms when he thinks nobody is looking — so at best I get a bit of chive blossom butter.

This is from last year when Thor was “helping” me salvage the garden after I was out of town for a month:


We’ve had a healthy crop of chive blossoms available this year, so I’ve been putting them to better use than blossom butter.  The butter is good, but vinegar is better!

I’ve already soaked the first set of blooms in rice vinegar for L.


I just love the color it turns the vinegar!   …and he loves the taste.

I’m not a huge fan of rice vinegar, but you can see he’s already been tucking into his bottle of it.  He eats it on pretty much everything.  We should just buy rice vinegar by the crate. 😛

I harvested all of the chive blossoms yesterday and have them soaking in a jar of apple cider vinegar now.  In a few weeks, I’ll strain and divide the vinegar between Mom, Grandmother, and I…they’ve never had any chive blossom vinegar, but I’m betting they’ll love it.  They cooks with apple cider vinegar like I do and the infused vinegar makes things like macaroni salad even better!  Mmmm!

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