Sunshine and scissors

The sun finally came out for a bit!

It did sprinkle a bit in the late morning yesterday but it was nice to have a semi-dry day the rest of the evening.  It certainly was the first time in a long time.

I used the opportunity to dash outside, slog around in the standing water, and check on my new plants.

Thankfully, all of the crazy rain doesn’t seem to have bothered any of them.

L was happy to see the plum is putting out branches; we’re picking off a lot of the new growth to make sure it works on establishing roots too, but we’re letting it keep some of the branches that will work with the overall shape the tree needs to take as it grows.  The pink blueberry could look a little happier, but it’s very tiny and hasn’t seen sun since it has arrived, so maybe it will perk up after yesterday and today.

My new strawberries are overflowing with blooms!  As are the blackberry and black raspberry bushes that are in the woods — those were a real treat to find when we moved here, so I’ve made sure L knew what they are and we’ve keep other plants from overwhelming them and they’ve gotten quite huge now; he loves blackberries and black raspberries are basically my childhood, so those plants get thoroughly picked over every year by us.  The new black currant (I think I have a theme here with liking dark berries?) is also covered in blossoms, which I wasn’t expecting so soon.  We’ll have to put up bird netting over both areas once the berries start to develop.

The ornamentals we’ve planted this year also look quite happy: mountain laurel, rhododendron, and weigela.

We’re still waiting on a few more things to arrive from the nursery, but that’s all in good time. 🙂  The wait is always part of the fun.

Since I’ve been stuck inside, I finally reactivated Netflix, which has made hand-quilting a bit less monotonous.


I’m done with all of the middle rows now and onto the last row of whatever you want to call those shapes with what looks like googly eyes.  The pattern hasn’t been very kind for continuous line quilting so has been a very slow adventure any way you look at it — guess that’s what I get for deciding to try to do a wholecloth off of a coloring book picture — but I still like hand quilting…so I guess it hasn’t ruined me yet.

Now I just get to hope that the Crayola marker washes out of that muslin and that the “Sangria” thread doesn’t bleed when it does.

My cats have been using this basted quilt as a pillow for months now and are quite agitated that I’ve stolen it from them to work on it again.

Yesterday, one of my crafting comrades couldn’t find a pair of scissors.  She’s a multiple discipline crafter like me, so I found it weird that she couldn’t find scissors.

Then I remembered all the times I can never find scissors…which is pretty much any time I’m not in my sewing room.  Touch those scissors for any reason that’s not directly related to sewing, fabric, or yarn and risk losing the hand that touched them!

So I went on a pointless quest yesterday to find and count all of the scissors in my house.

Holy crap, guys.  Don’t do that.  It’s depressing.

I found 47 pairs of scissors.  47!!!

Left to right, top to bottom: bedroom, bathroom, sewing room, kitchen, basement, garage

I didn’t even dig through Logan’s stuff in the basement to find all of his specialty scissors and snips and shears like I did in my sewing room.  We work under a mutual agreement of leave my stuff alone and I leave your stuff alone.  Mainly because if I don’t work under that agreement, he’d hope that I’d clean his stuff up.  Nope and double nope.

The one sanity saver with the scissors is that the vast majority of them have been gifts or we’ve inherited them or just had them forever — I’ve had my folding embroidery snips since I was seven (and they’ve found three friends somewhere along the way)!  I’ve bought a few of my specialty ones but the rest of them have just made there way here like lost puppies and we’ve adopted them.

For example in the bedroom photo:  The little scissors are in my “knit kit” and belonged to Logan’s grandmother.  The blue ones are my desk scissors that I’ve had since college and the snowman ones were given to him as a stocking stuffer (play on his last name) and are his desk scissors.  We don’t share well. 😛

Speaking of my knit kit!


The photo is a bit dark because that knit-chek in the front kept reflecting the flash but it’s mostly visible.

Everything packs down into the little elephant tin pencil box then I can just toss it and my yarn into my purse and head out the door….even the knit-chek, even though the perspective makes it look like it’d never fit.  Sometimes I have crochet needles in there too or a cable needle and sometimes the dice aren’t there, depending on the project at the time….but that’s the basic idea of it.  That’s how it’s packed in currently for the scarf (and shawl I need to recast and start over).

What’s in there?  Two boxes of split ring markers (I prefer split rings since I crochet too and one of my boxes is currently empty since it’s distributed on projects).  There’s a highlighter and pencil with a small sticky pad for notes on the go.  A counter that you can wear on your finger (I forget about the ones that you put on needles).  A gauge and needle/hook sizer.  My scissors.  A set of dice for the RPG scarf….and a magnetic needle box with two safety pins, a threader, three large needles for weaving in ends, and a weird little T-pin that’s handy for breaking my interchangeable circular needles apart.

All in all, it’s pretty darn handy and compact. 🙂



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