Outside at last!

I’ve never tried posting from my phone before so instead of letting this become a wild jumble of autocorrect babble, I’ll try not to rant like I normally do.   ;P

It has been raining here a lot the past few days.  This bucket was empty when I saw it earlier this week.


…and my flower beds seem more mushrooms than flowers.


It was finally a nice day,  so instead of working outside like I should have, I went to the local nursery then took a nap.

We ended up getting a “Fine Wine” Weigela for one of our front beds.  L actually picked it because he likes the dark foliage.   I don’t think he knows about it blooming pink yet.   …or that we have an old fashioned weigela right next to where this one is being planted.  No matters, it’s still pretty!  😛


I also couldn’t resist and finally got a bright pink rhododendron.  I can’t remember its cultivar right off.  I’ve always loved the really bright ones!


I had a gift card for the nursery otherwise I don’t think I would have caved due to the high price tag.   Mitzi also seems to like the new plant.

We’ve been digging up the over-grown beds this year.  Tomorrow we’re clearing out the center of this ring of hostas, moving some of the crowded hostas to make a walkway border then planting the rhododendron in the center.


Our big dog, Thorin, lurks in the background; he’s fascinated by the birds nesting in our owl box.

The only thing in the center of the hostas now are tree saplings and what I know as ditch lilies.  We’ll move the ditch lilies to a part of the side yard where nothing grows since they seem to thrive anywhere.  We’re still not sure why on earth the prior owners of the house planted hostas like that.

We did do a bit of real yardwork.  I tilled a bed that was just some primrose, after digging some up to save, and we’re making it our official berry bush garden.


There were more buried rocks, concrete, bricks, and tiles than there had been flowers.  Ugh.

See the little plant?  That’s my  black currant!  It looks so happy!  It’s beside of a new pink lemonade blueberry (below) and hope to plant a lingonberry if we can find one.


The whole time we were outside, L kept trying to figure out what smelt so “sweet”, not realizing that he was between two beds that have exploded with lily of the valley.


I love them, but they desperately need to be thinned.  The garden work never ends! 🙂

When the mosquitoes chased L back inside, we got our seasonal inside hanging herb garden up.  We don’t get enough sun in winter to keep it going. 😦


…and my sidekick, Joule, had to figure out why I smelt like dirt and not cat treats.


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