Grumble, Logan, grumble

L was a total jerk and put a chair with a fan on it in my little, narrow walkway around the bed to the bathroom.  There is an entire empty side of the room he could have put it closer to him…but he put it riiight in my path.

I drink well over a gallon of water a day, mostly thanks to my migraine meds.  They make me incredibly thirsty and cause kidney stones, so bring on the water!

Early this morning, when the birds started singing at the crack of dawn, my bladder started singing too.  By some miracle, I avoided the chair and fan on my way out but in my glasses-less sleep stupor, I totally nailed it while stumbling back to bed in the dark.

Totally nailed it.  Face planting, falling, stubbing my toes, reinjuring my almost healed sprained ankle nailed it.

My ankle is tennis ball sized again. 😦  It also hurts in places it didn’t before.

So, instead of being able to sleep in this weekend, L was awakened at the crack of dawn to bellows of pain and surprise…and now he’s outside to escape a very grumpy wife.  He’s actually outside trying to figure out why so many weeds have sprouted in just one spot of the strawberry patch we planted last weekish.


Should I let him know they’re from the bird feeder he hung above it or just let him wonder forever?

I moved the feeder after a few days (why would you feed birds above your berry patch?!), but the birds had already made enough of a mess to let a nice swath of millet and sunflowers start sprouting though.  XD

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