More mail, a minder, and the mehs.

I got mail today!

I do love my mail.  I think that’s been fairly obvious the past few days.  >_>;;

I got a card from my in-laws.  Logan reminded them it was my birthday coming up, so they sent me a card and check.

I also got a sweet card from my Grandmother and a bit of money.   Her cards are always thoughtful and worth more to me than any money she sends.  I’ve already decided to put her money to good use and buy two reblooming pink lilacs (lilacs are my favorite flower) and a black currant bush to expand our new berry garden.

I’m also a big fan of spending money on memories instead of stuff, so I think I’ll use the in-law’s check to buy tickets to see two shows at our local “Broadway” theatre.  “Evil Dead the Musical” is coming near Halloween and “Colin Mochrie & Brad Sherwood: Scared Scriptless” have a date set here as well in the distant future.  I love them from their Whose Line days and Logan is a big fan of improv, so it seems like it would be a fun night for both of us.  Things to look forward to are always nice.

There was also a small package from another member of the Cross Stitchers Unite group!


I didn’t have a needle minder yet (I never found a magnet that would work with the covered button one I tried to make), so I’m really quite excited to have such a cute one to try out….and who doesn’t love shiny floss?!

I think Logan felt a bit left out from the birthday giving because he also received a package in the mail that turned out to be a gift for me and decided to go ahead and give it to me.

It was a DVD of Arrietty.  I looooved The Borrowers when I was a kid!

I also adore Studio Ghibli films and have been trying to collect them all for endless hours of mood boosting fun.  Logan hasn’t seen this one yet, so we’ll have to add it to the list of movies to watch after we finish the extended editions of the Hobbit trilogy (much better the theatrical releases, in my opinion).

I’ve been in a really bad funk the past few days — it tends to happen this time of year — and all the little surprises in the mail have helped so much.




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