Mail and abrupt topic changes…

I love mail!


This weekend, my signed copy *squeeeeee* of Ayreon’s newest project “The Source” showed up.

I ended up forking it over to L. I felt he needed it more than I did.

While L was mowing on Saturday, he ended up getting poison ivy -he’s highly allergic- on his face near his eye.  Thankfully, I went to gloat about the CD’s arrival and noticed the rash and we were able to stop it before spread INTO his eye.

Not only did he end up with poison ivy on his face, but he also ended up with a nasty case of skeeter syndrome…which I’ve never seen on an adult before.  He also said he’s never had it.  Mosquitoes love L.  He’s the tastiest of tasty to those little blood suckers.

He made the mistake of using my Off instead of his, not realizing what a difference it would make.  I’ve never been bitten by a mosquito, ever.  They just buzz in my ears and near my eyes, so I use a really low level repellent to keep them from annoying me.  Mine has 7% DEET and only lasts for about 2 hours of doing nothing…the stuff he normally uses is 98.5% DEET and lasts for about 10 and through sweaty work, and he still usually gets bitten.  He was eaten alive on Saturday….and is covered in regular mosquito bites and what looks like huge, hard bruises from the ones he reacted to weirdly.  Poor guy.

So I “gave” him my CD, that he knew I had ordered but didn’t know was signed by Arjen Lucassen — whom he fanboys a over as a prog-metal genius (rightfully so) — to make his day a little bit better.  It seems to have worked.  🙂

…and abrupt topic change back to mail!

I’m part of a group on Facebook called Cross Stitchers Unite. It formed last month when another HUGE group for stitchers closed out of the blue due to a fallout with the admin (read: a whole bucket load of drama), so it’s still really new.

One of the things the new group is trying to do is a birthday card exchange so I signed up as a guinea pig for the first month because why not?!

My birthday is next week, so it worked out well.  🙂

I received two cards yesterday!


L picked up the mail and asked why I was getting random cards then acted a bit panicked when I reminded him my birthday was coming up.

He was surprised random people would be so kind as to send floss through the mail to strangers (even though floss isn’t expensive and I think it’s a wonderfully fun thing to do; I’ll sign up to be a sender another month).

L famously forgot my birthday one year.  Totally and completely forgot it.  Then he forgot to get me anything for Christmas that year as well.  The “one year” happened to be the first year we were married.  It was a disaster.  I’m not a superficial or materialistic, but a card would have been nice…even if he had scrawled something on a piece of paper.

L has since been on a guilt-trip mission to make up for forgetting.  I’m not discouraging this.  I probably egg it on now…a lot.  May is now “birthday month” at my house.  I’m turning into my Dad, who celebrated his birthday all November long. 😛

Last year, when L asked what I wanted, I told him I wanted to see a moose in the wild.  Told you I was milking this.

L is horrible at planning anything.  He *did* manage to get me that moose, though!  We went to Moosehead Lake, Maine (I think I have an old post about it?)

On the first night driving around, lo and behold:


L makes fun of the photo as my “Bigfoot” version of a moose.  The windows were foggy, it was raining, and the moose was barreling right at our car.  My camera back then was broken and wasn’t saving pictures or focusing right, so I’m lucky to have any photo at all.  He’d bought me a new camera as a birthday gift but, of course, waited until the next day to give it to me — not expecting to see a moose the first night.  We didn’t see another moose.  XD

…but, I digress, as I do every time.

Since I got some floss, I might as well update on my cross stitch project of doom.  I’ve spread out to trying to finish the whole page at a time instead of a 50×50 block.  I think I’ll feel more fulfilled if I can throw something away and breathe a sigh of relief.  It still doesn’t look like much progress but I’m happy with it.  It’s 90 stitches across now, since that’s what fit on the printed page.  I forget how many stitches stretch down the page.  I’ll just not think about that for now. 😛


This is where it was last time I posted:


I’ve started to do a bit of cross-country stitching along with the parking and find it’s going faster and am happier that way.  I can do larger blocks and it’s not as thick on the back.  I guess it’s still a learning process with this many color changes to figure out what is going to work for me.  As long as I continue to enjoy it right?  🙂

…and now back to the sort of beginning of the post.

After L pretended to freak out about my upcoming birthday thanks to the arrival of the floss, he decided he wanted to give me a present early.   Presents are fun, so who am I to refuse?!


Fellow knitters, you’ll understand just how excited I was when he tossed this my way.  He didn’t wrap it.  He didn’t *have* to.  It’s a little zippered pouch of joy all into itself.

He hit a massive homerun with this one.


That’s the complete set of ChiaoGoo Twist Red Lace Interchangables in 4″!

*drowns in a puddle of drool*

I looove ChiaoGoo needles and prefer working with circulars to straight needles on most projects.  I only had a few of their needles, all in small sizes, and the two largest lengths of cables, so this is going to drastically alter my knitting habits.

These sound so pretty when they click together.  ❤ ❤ ❤  My hands are itching so, so badly wanting to do something with these!

I already want to start swapping my scarf to these…or just be horrible and cast on something entirely new!

…specifically this Phoenix Wing shawl in Pegasus Chroma from knitpicks with black outlines.  >_>;

I’m going to behave though, for now.  Or try to.  I don’t know how long that will last.  *bites hands*

…and finally, I actually sat at my computer a bit yesterday to catch up on my not-guilty-at-all pleasure show Rupaul’s Drag Race.  It doesn’t make much sense considering the other shows I tend to enjoy (Star Trek, Sherlock, Twilight Zone, Archer, Galavant, Peaky Blinders, Ripper Street, Hell on Wheels, Firefly, that sort of stuff…), but I love it and am not afraid to deny it.

Being at my computer means I finally got to knit a bit!  Last time I’d just finished with the dragon, so I got through another 28 rows of double knit and am just about to start a 30 row dragon, this time a water one, for next knitting session.


I wish more patterns had you rolling dice to decide what to do.  The randomness is a lot of fun! 🙂

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