Looking for shade (+plants)

Fun side effect of my new medicines: heat intolerance to the point of a marked increased chance of heat stroke.  My neurologist likes to warn me about fevers and any other medications that would affect temperature regulation — I already don’t sweat like most people, so regulating my temperature is already an issue.

My new, expensive medication also has a fun “Stay out of the sun!” warning that the dermatologist was very keen to point out, repeatedly before I left the office.  So, I’m kind of stuck today.  Melting.

Luckily, I already just didn’t like being in the heat.  I’ve never been a sun seeker, preferring to stay pasty pale and find a good shady spot.  Living in Georgia for a while was *not* my definition of fun.  Moving northward was the happiest news L (then just a sad little boyfriend) could have possibly delivered to me at that point in my life.

But we’re having a bit of a heatwave here.

It’s 95 outside and just reached 84 in the bedroom.  X_x

We don’t have air conditioning.

I think it’s time for me to draw a cold water bath and turn into a beached whale for a while with a good book.

I tried sewing for a while.  My craft room is -thankfully- one of the coldest rooms in the house.  It’s above the laundry room, which is semi-underground, and doesn’t have any windows that get direct sun…and I’ve put up black-out curtains to protect the precious fabric and goodies stashed away in there.  But it’s still hot.  Plus, the cats and dogs started beating down the door trying to get in and hide.  It’s bad when the cats are seeking cool places.

Except Joule.


We threw all of the covers off of the bed last night and onto L’s computer chair and, of course, she tried to hide under them like she does on the bed.  It didn’t quite have the same effect.  A for effort, though.

I did sneak outside this morning before it became too miserable so I wouldn’t feel completely cooped up inside.


The pansies in my planter boxes are loving the heat (glad something is).  They were looking pretty puny after all the cold and rain we’d been having.  I always let L pick out the annuals for the planter boxes, he really seems to enjoy it.  He’d somehow never seen pansies before (?!?!) and fell in love with them.  My Granny Boo used to always plant some in a huge cast iron cauldron in her backyard, so I know I’ll like having them to remind me of her all summer.


I moved my bird feeder to the other side of the stand and still this squirrel is causing problems.  This time he’s just hanging around — doesn’t care that he’s “activated” the “squirrel proof” mechanism due to his size…he just chewed a hole right in the plastic near the second leaf and eats his fill while upside down.  Ugh, he’s such a jerk.  He’s also totally unafraid of me, so not sure how to mitigate his binge eating.

…and some strawberries that we planted bareroot this week have started popping up!  *happy dance*  Glad to know I did something right.  😀  The plum has leaves already too.  I’m not feeling too confident about the blueberry, though it came here looking shriveled and dead; one of the stems was brittle and the green stem’s leaves were brown and curled…now the green stem is turning black at the pruned portion and at the root, so I contacted the company to ask for a replacement.


Since we’ve moved here, I’ve been working on establishing shade happy gardens as most of our house is in shade thanks to several oaks that are well over a hundred years old.  I love those oaks, they’re a big reason we bought the house.  L and I agreed we could do a lot to update the physical house but no matter where we bought a house elsewhere here, we’d never, ever have trees and a forest like we do here.  They’re amazing; I can’t get my arms around most of them.   …and I do like to hug those trees.  >_>;;

From Google street view:


Hopefully the car and house are a decent enough representation of scale.  We have a lot of shade…and this photo shows maybe enough sun on that part of the roof that I can look into solar panels after all!  Never hurts to investigate into such things! 🙂

Regardless, the big shade garden in the back, where the shadow of the house falls has really established well and I’m confident enough in it to move to the deep shade side of the house where the larger oaks are.

I just want a bit more variety around the house.

When we first moved in, this whole bed was nothing but a mounding geranium in the front and poison ivy.  This picture was taken a couple of years ago when I first planted everything (and I have since added a few more things):


There are a few varieties of coral bells, the huge mounding geranium that was already there, primrose along the border where it gets a bit of sun, a dwarf blue rhododendron by the stairs, some sweet woodruff that I’m slowly letting creep and take over to become ground cover so I never have to mulch there again *evil grin* (ours only grow about 4″ tall), some solomon’s seal I found in the woods and moved there, spiderwort, a few colors of bleeding hearts, and I added a few green hellebores.

…the red bleeding hearts are spectacular right now.  As of this morning:


I know I definitely want additional colors of hellebores around the house and probably more bleeding hearts — I find them fascinating.  Not sure about the rest, though.

Right now the only things living on that side of the house are moss, forsythia (somehow), and hosta.  So many hosta.

It really is shady on that side of the house, so partial sun would be the most any plant could hope for but most would be in full shade.

Any fun recommendations for any other shade loving plants I could play with on that side of my house?

I live in zone 5.


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