Morning Secret

Every morning, I have a secret ritual that L knows nothing about.

Our little kitty, Joule, follows me everywhere I go but gets overstimulated quickly when petted — she starts to meow agitatedly or has to go nurse a dog pillow — and hates being picked up.

She’s more of a sidekick and we have a good understanding.  I know her limits well and now she even rolls over for a quick belly rub without immediately running off or murdering somebody’s hand.

Our other two cats are teddybears and prefer being held and snuggled.  Sagan will even bite you if you quit petting him before he’s satisfied.

L wasn’t ever really around cats before me, so he can’t wrap his head around Joule.  He adores her but wants to smother her with affection, so she avoids him like the plague and that makes him want to steal hugs even more.

Every morning, about half an hour before L has to get up for work…or just at 5:00 a.m. on the days he’s off, like today, I get my own sweet, secret little alarm.


It’s impossible to be mad waking up to a purring headbutt.  Then she actually snuggles down and gets her morning dose of chin scratches until L’s alarm goes off or he moves suddenly.

Best. Secret. Ever.

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