Shouldn’t be left alone.

L and I went to a metal festival on Saturday and then ended up going to another concert last night…with some of the same bands.

It was a bit of a weird weekend.

I ended up going angry old lady on one of the pat-down chicks at the festival when she opened my purse, without asking, started pawing through it, then grabbed my pill box and opened it in the rain and started going through it as well.  She obviously isn’t a medical professional so has no clue what she was looking at or doing and getting that stuff wet isn’t good for it, especially since my expensive migraine tablets are orally dissolving so were ruined by her actions.  Sorry, but not sorry; she definitely got one of my more passive-aggressive, over-blown, very loud lectures about how she could kill somebody by ruining their medication doing what she was doing because she was clueless and rude.  One of the managers ended up pulling her aside, so hopefully she won’t be doing that nonsense again.  I understand bag checks are mandatory in most places now but manners are still a thing.  Ask and I’ll open the bag and show you what you need to see.  You don’t just rip somebody’s bag from them and definitely don’t start messing with their medication.  I think if I was trying to bring in something illicit, I would have been a bit more discreet than putting it in a pill box.

As a contrast at the concert the next day, the bag checker laughed at my bag because it is so small (it’s a very tiny crossbody bag that my Mom gave me many years ago because I never seem to have pockets) and said I couldn’t hide anything in there if I wanted to.  He didn’t even want to look inside of it, just waved a metal detector wand over me and let me through.

I also somehow flustered the ticket takers at both places, to the point both had issues putting wrist bands on me.  I’m not sure what it is about me but it happens everywhere I go.  =/    L and his friends once tried speculating about it and only came up with that I’m unusually approachable and oddly direct to the point it’s disarming.  I’m pretty antisocial and really awkward…and a general giant…so I certainly don’t understand it.

It’s a running “joke” that I can’t be left alone anywhere or I won’t be alone by the time the other person comes back.  When we go shopping, if L goes to another aisle, when he comes back to find me, there will ALWAYS be somebody talking to me — either an employee or another customer.  Once at Home Depot he had a question about concrete paint and went to find an employee, gave up, and found me chatting with the regional representative for Behr paints who just happened to be at the store that day…I didn’t go looking for anybody, the guy had came up to me and just started talking, not knowing I was looking for paints (I was in a different part of the store).  When I was in college, my Mom left me in a parking lot in a random city once because a random guy beelined it to me out of nowhere and just started talking to me.  She thought I knew him from somewhere because he came up to me so confidently like he knew me — I think she was just trying to have me thrown into the trunk of a car.  She still finds it hysterical because the first thing out of his mouth turned out to be “Boy I sure am glad I brought my library card with me ’cause I’m CHECKING YOU OUT!”….and she was a librarian at the time.  The guy that pet sits our dogs always calls L sir and is super respectful, I go there and get invited to hang out and go smoke (which I don’t partake in) and get life stories.  I can’t be left alone with people.  =/

L and I were in separate lines at the venue this time and I didn’t think much of it this time until the guy at our local venue that’s known for being a real hardass actually knew my name and told me to have a good time.  I don’t even know how he KNEW my name but he did.  o.o;  All I did was chide him for asking a lady her age this time — I know he was doing it because he has to for the venue and for alcohol reasons, but I totally blanked and was buying myself some time until I remembered how old I actually am. I’m 30!  I should be able to remember that!  >_>;;  Poor guy was shaking when he had to put my wrist band on and ruined a few of them trying.  Then he immediately told an 18 year old kid she couldn’t see the show like it was water off a duck’s back and made her cry.

At the local show, I ended up picking up a sort of impromptu body guard.

Again, I can’t be left alone.

L was rocking out in his typical flailing fashion.  He really gets into certain bands and Battle Beast is one of his favorites.


L ran into the singer from Battle Beast somewhere in the crowd at the metal festival

L started his venture into music in the rave scene and isn’t afraid of dancing and being the center of attention.  He quickly attracted a small crowd of teenagers that were at their first metal concert and after filming him for a bit, they declared him their new hero and immediately started flailing around him in the same fashion for the rest of the show.  It was mayhem.  He was in heaven.  Those kids are going to be so disappointed when they realize that L is not typical to metal concerts…but maybe they’ll carry on his bizarre behaviors and make it a thing.  XD  They all seemed to be wildly enjoying themselves.

Regardless, some awesome stranger took one look at the bedlam that I was surrounded by, combined with my sprained ankle (why do I still go to concerts with an injured foot?!) and voluntarily took up post as a guard for me — he started out by acknowledging (I didn’t say anything) I was there with L then actually told me he was going to clear out space for me and did so.  He spent all night intercepting drunken jerks and pushing the overflowing mosh pit away from me.  The guy was a stalwart wall of protection — only one guy was able to bulldoze his way through and that was at the very end…unfortunately the guy that got through managed to land a kick full on my ankle.  He was drunk and stumbling and pushed by the festering mosh pit, though…and he apologized profusely; not sure if my “eat shit and die” look prompted that or if the looming hulk of a guy with me did.  L didn’t notice at all; he was still too busy dancing with his group of fanboys.  This was one time that my inability to actually be left alone paid off.  I know I thanked you last night but thank you, random stranger. ❤

…so it was weird.

…and now my ankle hurts worse than it has in a few days.

…and I still shouldn’t be left alone with people.  =/

Even the grocery clerk after the concert started telling me her life story and boyfriend drama.  I was much more interested in trying to figure out what on earth was with the chick with the weird metal vampire teeth caps and chains behind us.  o.o;;


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