Thread everywhere

At least with a sprained ankle, I can’t do much more than sit around and craft.  That’s positive thinking, right? 😀

L knows that’s all I’ve been doing because I’m covered in every kind of thread and fiber in my house right now.  I’m kind of a hot mess.  It’s totally worth it.

I –finally– finished Chapter 3 of the MKAL-RPG scarf.   I think after Chapter 4 is the turn so at least I’m starting the almost half-way home-stretch?  I’m sooo far behind on it that it’s ridiculous.  Hopefully it’ll be ready to wear by next winter?  😛


I’ve also spent some time quilting my Spock quilt.  I got about half way through with it and ran out of bobbin.  For some reason, running out of bobbin is always an instant mojo killer.  It’s now in time-out again until I feel like rewinding a handful of those little suckers.

I then swapped back to working on making blocks for the Skill Builder BOM; this one should be for June if I don’t just set it on fire first.  I’m not enthused about it.  At all.  I really don’t like samplers, remind me not to do more samplers.  😛

I am, however, loving how others are putting together the blocks and how some of the more experienced quilters are adding their own flare to it.  The next block in the series is about Y seams and, let’s be honest, I hate Y seams.  I can do them but if I can, I chop blocks up to avoid them….but it’s a good skill to have in your back pocket so I decided to go ahead and torture myself and put three Y seams in each block and 12 blocks in the quilt.  Nothing like practice to really force something into your noggin!  I’ll finish cutting it out at some point.  I also don’t like templates so this isn’t my favorite block. 😛


Any clue on what this block is called?

I know the name of a lot of traditional blocks but I keep drawing a blank on this one.  I sketched it out in EQ7 and it labeled the pieces (weirdly, I might add, because they all printed out identical so not sure why some got different letters and others didn’t), so since it wasn’t in the block library, there’s no fancy name for it.  =/  Big, dumb, huge, blank-ety-blank here.  =/

I’ve also bitten the bullet and started stitching my HAED.

I think I underestimated when I said it was going to take me a decade.

This is the first time I’ve tried parking instead of cross country stitching.  The pattern is about 645ish across, so figured working in blocks of 50 would be a reasonable enough number….and on 22ct aida, a sad two inches at a time.  😛

There is so much confetti in this thing, it’s insane.

I’m insane for trying it.

I can’t even tell the difference in some of the 14 colors in the first 50 stitches.   …but the last 18 stitches were all in the same color and that made me a very, very happy woman.


Ignore the shadowy blob in the corner. >_>;;

I got tired of gridding, so only did it in 100 space increments.  I figured that was more than enough to make sure I’m roughly on track without driving me totally insane.  I’d much rather actually be stitching than just weaving shiny thread in and out.  I’m probably going to regret that decision at some point and may go back in and grid out at 50 blocks since that’s what I’m stitching at, but we’ll see.

I may never finish this first 50×50 square. 😛

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