Grandmother visits for Easter!

I have a little plaque hanging by our door that says:

“All our visitors bring joy,  Some by coming, Others by leaving”

This time, we had some visitors that fit into the first category.

This was the first year that L and I have celebrated Easter in a while, most holidays just slip away from us unless we’re traveling somewhere to see family…and the celebration came to us!

My Uncle and Aunt brought my Grandmother allll the way up from southwestern Virginia to visit us for the weekend!

L always says Grandmother is what all grandparents should be like and, not to be biased or anything, but she really is.  She even made us a cheeseball (one of our favorite things she makes) and brought it in the tiniest cooler I’ve ever seen.

I wish I had taken photos of their visit (they did) but I was too busy enjoying myself.  They arrived Friday night and departed Sunday afternoon, so it was just a short visit but a fun one.

Grandmother doesn’t have internet at home but as soon as she found out April the giraffe was giving birth on Saturday morning, she had my phone and my Uncle’s Kindle and was watching the live stream most of the morning.  We ended up watching the actual birth on my computer since it has a huge screen.  She then carried some sort of media around all day to check on the calf.  If they had internet or cell service in her area, I think she’d be quite the modern woman.

Grandmother enjoys a morning walk and wanted to see the neighborhood — I know I’ve mentioned on here before that we live in a bit of a unique one — so Saturday morning after everybody’s recovered from the 13+ hour journey north, we started a two mile walking tour of my neighborhood.

…and leave it to me to fall over absolutely nothing halfway through.

…at the bottom of the hill.

…and completely skin my right knee and sprain my left ankle.

I was able to finish the walk home, even though my ankle has been very unhappy with me since — it’s about three time its normal size two days later.  L says I have to baby it because we have two days worth of concerts this coming weekend and there’s no promise of seating.  Gee, thanks. 😛

It was like I was three years old again with how they all wanted to doctor me up.  There was much disappointment on my part that I’ve developed an allergy to bandage adhesive as an adult.  I loved bandaids as a kid and would often wear them for no reason.  I would also play on my Dad’s old crutches from an injury in high school — people would call Grandmother and ask what happened to me when they’d see me playing on them outside at her house.  It’s too bad I don’t have a pair of those handy now.

Saturday afternoon we went over to see Albany.  We got there right as the Trump protest for taxes was assembling in the Empire Plaza — we had no idea — and being from such a conservative (incredibly, super conservative, insanely rural, coal-country) area, I found it hilarious when Grandmother exclaimed “Oh, give me a sign!”.  They all seemed excited to see the protest since they typically only get to see things like that on the news, so we ended up watching it for a bit and they took lots of photos.  It always makes me happy to see protests too — somebody has to stand up to this nonsense we have in office right now.

They all seemed to really enjoy Albany and I always enjoy when people realize how nice (most of) New York is and that it’s not all just NYC.  It’s funny how the rest of the world really seems to form that misconception, even L had it before he first visited here for his job interview.  He didn’t even want to fly up here for it (they were paying for the flight and hotel) because it was in NY and he was just sure it was all going to be one big urban sprawl.

On the way home we hit up the chocolatier that we always get Grandmother candy from when we travel down for Christmas.  Usually we just get a pre-filled box of assorted goodies (she swears they’re all good) but this time since we had her there, we got her to pick out some stuff she wanted from behind the counter.  She filled it all with peanut and peanut butter based chocolates.  She’s obsessed with peanut butter.  I don’t think she packed any on this trip because she knew I’d have Peter Pan peanut butter waiting on her (we both packed a jar when we went to the beach together) but normally a jar of peanut butter goes on every trip with her.

Yesterday we, of course, had to have Italian.  L wanted to be a really bad influence and take Grandmother to an Irish pub — and she was willing to go — but most of those were closed on Easter.  Thank goodness.  >_>;  The Italian is better in my opinion anyway.

She asked at dinner what I called the bag she was carrying — one I made for her in very modern and trendy patterns/colors that she picked out — and I told her I’d probably call it a “clutch” if she was carrying it on its own (she was) or “wallet” if she was carrying it inside of something else…and then I call her little red leather shoulder bag a “purse” or a “bag”.  She usually calls such things a “pocketbook” but had heard somewhere that calling it a pocketbook makes you seem old, so didn’t want to use that terminology anymore.  She cracks me up.

I hope they enjoyed visiting even half as much as we did having them here. ❤

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