Home again, home again.

The trip, aside from being in a car waaay too long, turned out to be pretty fun this year.

My eternally pessimistic nature usually prevails.  I worry and bellyache, then end up enjoying myself because it’s never quite as bad as I expected…or I get to be smug because it was just as bad as I expected.  Either way, I win!

Since it was our 5th wedding anniversary, L and our “preacher man” took their romantic boat ride in alligator infested waters as the hobbit groomsman — his wedding toast was wishing that the hair on my hub’s feet never fall out — fished from the shore.   I wasn’t invited on the boat but it was preacher man’s birthday, so I can’t gripe too much.


Always the groomsman…

Thankfully, I preferred my life in hammock city to outrunning alligators; we brought three down to the beach.  It was all fun and games until the birds roosted above us and then crapped on everything.

We feasted on the “Best Butts in ‘Bama” for lunch.  We’re creatures of habit and they catered the wedding.  I think there would be a riot if we skipped eating there, even though one of our friends is a vegetarian.  >_>;

Afterwards, the hobbit groomsman conjured himself a hobbit lady — his girlfriend was finally able to meet the insanity of the group just in time for our annual photo! — I hope we didn’t scare her off since she went along with our shenanigans. *-edit-* We totally scared her off.


I didn’t get to wear my huge heels for the actual photo because I was the only one that knew how to work the camera so had to run my chubby Angmarian self into the shot each time…without glasses and with that huge helm.  It’s okay, though, I still stomped around in them later.

The miracle of all miracles occurred this year — we had an even number of males and females!  Then when the hobbit found him a lady, we had more females!  For yearsss it has been a sausage fest….and by that I mean I was the only girl at almost everything.  It was nice to have a bit of a balance.

That night we pigged out at the always fantastic Cajun place.  The haunted bathroom was blocked off, though, which was a major disappointment.  The restaurant is in a older building and you had to walk through a creepy, dimly lit, hallway, holding your full bladder, then it dumped you in a decrepit, unlit, old ballroom — with a full sweeping stairway to a second story and everything — before you could get to the grungy toilets.  I hate going to public bathrooms…I always went here.  It was one of the best parts of the experience.  Other than the food.  The hobbit groomsman’s girlfriend remarked that he didn’t even need her after he kept moaning over his grouper po’boy.  =X

…and back in time for sunset at the cabin, overlooking the lake.


Five years ago, the wizard was our photographer at the wedding, so he snapped another photo at sunset of L and I.  I generally don’t like my photo being taken, but I agreed to this one…I can be nice sometimes.  L had to remind the wizard that five years ago our friend had to tell us to pretend to like each other.  >_>;


“Wood” Anniversary

We also had some fireworks, but the groomsman hobbit managed to drop one in the launcher upside down and exploded it everywhere.  Oops.  XD

Sidenote!  I ended up making our actual wedding sunset photo into a small art quilt at some point.  It was a fun project.


The above photo is from when it was in progress and being laid out.  It has been trimmed, sewn and framed now.  It’s hanging by our stairs now with the rest of our wedding pictures.


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