Old people <3

I picked up my new glasses at the optometrist yesterday – SO much better having my vision balanced again!  I didn’t feel drunky-pants for the first time in ages!

Then I had an appointment with my neuro-ophthalmologist and he tested my vision out at 20/15 again!  YAY!  I only have to see him every 6 months now to track the drusen and my visual field.  The drusen are still there, though tiny, so he had a hard time finding them again…but they’re there.  He downgraded me to pseudopapilledema and said I shouldn’t really have anything much to worry about.  After last year’s scare and the worry that there was a 33% chance of permanent vision loss, I’m a happy camper! 🙂

…he also said my new migraine meds are referred to as “dope-a-max”.  I think I’m a prime example of why. 😛

I also had a good laugh yesterday in regards to our water bill and the community we live.

My husband and I live in a very unique little development.  It was founded in the late 1940s by a group of scientists (me!  I went to school for biology, lots of good that’s done me) and engineers (L!  He’s an EE!) during a big boom in the city; they wanted their own private little community and they almost all designed their own houses, so it’s different and still very community oriented.  It’s more of a little unheard of subdivision with a pond (ice skating in winter!) and tennis court…and 85 homes hidden away in a ring of 200 acres of woodlands (with something like 6 miles of maintained trails for walking or cross-country skiing in winter) and conservation dedicated fields; we even have our own bird counts and fun things like that!  We’re less than 2 miles from one of three malls here and less than 5 minutes from downtown but whenever we have contractors that have lived and worked here for decades, they always seem surprised it exists.

We’re Narnia.  I’m sticking to that.

So the water bill.  The whole community exists on a shared well instead of using city water.  It works for us because it’s really great water and way cheaper to split the cost of testing, maintaining the pumps and storage tanks than actually paying for the nasty stuff the city uses.   We pay our bill once a year and it’s usually due at the end of March.  We’ve had issues with our mail carrier and hadn’t received our bill yet, so L called the sweet lady that had been the treasurer of the water company to check how much it was this year…just to be sure.

At this point, I just want to say I love old people.  Adore them. They’re a wealth of knowledge, experience, and just all around fun.  L and I were lucky enough to move in when we did — we got to know a good number of the original owners.  Some of them are still around, some have passed.  We’re good friends with a few and visit or speak with them whenever we can.  Who wouldn’t love having neighbors that retired the year they were born?!  😀

The treasurer had resigned this year but she said she’d call the new one and get right back to him.  In about five minutes she did just that.

…and after all of the grief I’ve had from certain people about my “not doing anything” and all of the self-doubt I’ve had afterwards, because even though I know better it always sends me on that downward spiral…

“Oh, I’m so sorry Logan.  I had trouble placing you when you first called.  You’re the one that lives with Amber!”



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