In cats, I trust.


Cats know when people suck and stick to their guns.  Dogs can be won over with treats and ear rubs…the poor, naive, little things.  Cats are smarter and better judges of character, at least in my opinion.

…or maybe I’ve just always been a cat person and that colors my views.

When we have guests, the cats are usually timid around them.  Eventually, Sagan (white-ish) will befriend almost anybody.  Tesla (black) is medicated so is also pretty friendly after the noise dies down.  Joule (calico) is very cat-like and doesn’t trust anything new.

If Sagan comes to hang out with you or noses around you while you’re asleep, you’re a trustworthy person – one of our friends famously thought he was a pillow once and slept with him between his knees…  If Tesla lets you pet her, you’re probably a good person.  If Joule so much as lets you see her, chances are you probably won’t kill us in our sleep.


I did finish the wallet I had been working on!  My migraine med brain forced me to work slow on it and I had to redo a few parts of it because I sewed it backwards or inside out (seriously, who puts a zipper on inside out?!) but  I like the way all the modifications turned out and I hope the person I made it for likes it as well! 🙂

L’s family all came up for a weekend at Okemo in Vermont.  It was surprisingly fun.

Fun for me because everybody else went skiing while I got to wallow in a jacuzzi tub and knit in front of a fire place in some blissful silence.  Thank you, bum knee…for once, I’m not mad at you.  We seriously need to get our fireplace inserts sooner than later, I forgot how peaceful fires can be.

L looked kind of awesome in all of his ski gear after 10 years, though…even if he did forget everything and “pizza-ed” down an 8-mile trail (which he also fell off).
After coming back for lunch, he decided he should stick to the bunny slopes with the toddlers who were zipping past him.  Those little gals in pink had no fear — the fear was saved for the poor guy desperately chasing after them while screaming “PIZZA, NOT FRENCH FRIES!”.  Skiing was way more entertaining to watch than I ever imagined.



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