Birthday vacation

Life snuck up on me and I turned 30 this weekend.

Since we had a four day weekend — HOORAY! — hubs and I headed out to Maine for a few days and enjoyed some R&R.  We even managed to spot a moose!  L claimed he saw two, but I only caught the one, so I think he’s Bigfooting me on the second.  At this point, I would share a photo but the moose was running at our car, at night, in the rain, so it’s a hilarious blur of nothing discernible.

On the way, we stopped at our favorite little farm in Vermont to get some of our favorite cheese.  We happened on it by chance several years ago when some friends from down-south happened to be in the area for work and now we never miss a chance to stop by.  It’s such fun!


We stayed at a lovely farm near Moosehead Lake in Greenville, Maine that we found on AirBnB.  What an amazing view they had!  The body of water in the photo is Wilson Pond.  This photo was taken from inside the guest living room — we rented an entire semi-detached apartment — you can see the reflection of the TV in the glass.  If I wasn’t a lazy bum, I would’ve remembered to snap a photo outside but I’m not the best at remembering to take pictures. 😀


It rained on us for half of our visit, but that didn’t stop us from driving around and exploring miles and miles of dirt road.  We even took a very short hike to look at the wreckage of a B-52 that crashed on Elephant Mountain back in the 1960s.  It was incredibly fascinating and seemed appropriate for a Memorial Day weekend visit.

…and then we ate lobster.  Every day.  Sometimes twice.  Yah, yah, we weren’t on the coast but we did find a seafood place that was just as awesome if you ask me; Graves & Sons.  Fresh picked lobster rolls for days!  They no longer have a restaurant but there were a few tables you could eat at or have it wrapped up to go.  So yummy!   …and as L will testify, I’m not usually a lobster kind of girl but when it’s freshly cooked and comes out still warm on a toasted, buttery bun, sign me up!


Although the trip was lots of fun, I’m always glad to come back home to the fur babies. ❤  I do believe Tesla missed us.  She’s normally so regal and dignified…but not when it comes to getting her belly rubbed.


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