Fleece management

My fleece collection recently got way, way, way out of control.  Worth it!  Storing it, however, was not so awesome.   😦


I’m not always the neatest person, per say, but I do love to have my stuff organized and easy to find.  That overflowing basket of fleece was driving me CRAZY!

…and just in case anybody is curious (because I *always* am when I see others stash storage):  the large black cubes are holding my yardage with each piece marked with how much there is.  The small shoe cubby is holding folded FQs and a few pieces I hand dyed or set aside for upcoming projects in the three middle cubes on the bottom row.  The hanging curtain rod has the stuff that’s full WOF but less than a yard.  Any scraps I have that can’t be turned into FQs or isn’t full WOF length, I cut down into the largest pieces I can and store them in plastic shoeboxes (in the closet — they get turned into strips, hexies, and squares in sizes I use often).  Anything smaller than my “pre-cuts”, I put in a scrap bin for string and crazy blocks…or just to have something to throw on my machine if it’s throwing a tantrum.

The stack of children’s fabrics beside the shoe cubby have been relocated to a more permanent home in a plastic drawer under my cutting table since this photo was taken this morning.  😀  A drawer that was previously occupied by even MORE fleece.


Actually, that fleece took up two drawers, so I now have an empty one awaiting whatever magic I can store in there…I’m thinking it’ll become interfacing as my stash of that has also grown (as can be seen in the right of the photo with the bolts of insulated fleece and foam).

I looked and looked online for ideas of how to store fleece and most people just seemed to fold and stack it.  Sadly, I have the smallest room in the house (except the bathrooms) as my craft area and it has the most stuff crammed into it…so I simply couldn’t stack and display.  So, enter vacuum storage bags!  Why on earth didn’t I think of these before?!

I grouped the fabrics into similar colors (except when I remembered the two plastic drawers at the end, so those bits of green got thrown in with the neutrals — I’ll swap them around when I do my next project).  Done!  Keep in mind this stack includes all of the fleece from both the basket and two drawers…it’s still a big pile but not nearly as crazy and uncontrolled.  🙂


Now I just have to figure out where to stash three ginormous bags of fleece, but I have a feeling they’ll slide in on top of the drawers under my cutting table swimmingly.  At least I’m hoping they will!

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