Fleece and more fleece

I know I’ve said it before, but packages are the best!

9 bundles of fleece, 4 of cozy flannel…and almost all of it came with end of bolt yardage.  Score!


I just wish the two bluish fleeces didn’t look so similar but I like blue so I’m sure I’ll use it all up at some point.  Actually, since they came with extra yardage, I may use one of the blues to back a fleece baby quilt that has been long in the making.


I finally finished making the appendages so I can applique down the last 4 blocks…and have a pile of eyes, pupils, and teeth to applique, but this thing has made more progress this past week than it has since the day I started it almost 3 years ago. =X

Fun aside: in the photo of the package, you can see my cupboard and my 1865 Wheeler and Wilson #3 in the background!  Not sure how old the cupboard is or if it’s even of the Hoosier brand but it’s family heirloom so I’m glad to have it.  I know at least through my great-grandparents had it when they were younger; they married in 1919 so I would guess that would be close to its origination.  It was red when my grandparents had it, pink with my parents, and I ended up painting it teal with black stencils because I’m afraid it’s too fragile to strip and refinish.  I’m not sure what the original color was.

One of these days I’ll have to make a post about my sewing machines.  I have a small herd (I think I’m up to 14 now — how bad is it that I don’t even know right off?) and they’re all vintage, dating from 1865 to 1969 with the one exception of the sewing machine that belonged to my hubby’s grandmother (1992 Singer).


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