The shawl is actually making progress!   Only 175 rows to go!  XD


I don’t think my stitches look half-bad either!  I haven’t knit in almost two years, so the fact that they’re staying relatively even makes me a happy camper…there are a few mistakes here and there so don’t look too closely!  🙂  I’m also still really loving this yarn.  The more I work with it, the more of a purist I fear I’ll become.

Pretty sure after this I’m going to bite the bullet once and for all and knit a sweater.  I have a pretty one picked out so I hope I keep up the motivation.  Plus, it looks relatively basic with just some lace at the neck, so I won’t have to pick my brain too deeply.  Then again, I did enjoy cabling a lot back when I knit more, so sticking to my wishy-washy self, I’ll probably change my mind a hundred times between now and then.

Sticking to my flip-flopping self I ordered a different fabric for the Christmas gift to-be.  They look okay IRL but I noticed the darker gray looks pretty dingy in photos so not sure how it will show up under different lights.  I definitely took advantage of the free shipping Joann’s had for a few hours yesterday for Mother’s Day to get a remnant with some fun shiny, silver stuff on it.  Hope it works!

…and since it’s been my goal to work almost completely out of stash unless it’s for a very specific purpose (e.g. customer or gift, but still trying to use as much stash as possible), I have to tattle on myself.  I totally bought a bunch of remnant fleece.  It’s hard to beat a yard for 2.99 and free shipping!


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