I can safely say I hope I never, ever have to have another lumbar puncture.  I had enough panic attacks to last the rest of the year and they had to drug me up like mad just to get through the thing.

Still waiting to hear back from my doctor on his interpretation of the results but the doctor that performed the LP said my opening pressure was a 13 and from what I can find online, average adult pressure is 10 – 20, so that would rule out increased intracranial pressure being the root of all my problems?  Guess I’ll find out soon enough.

I was told I have really awesome platelets and that I didn’t bleed at all where the IV was inserted.  Hooray for little things!

Yesterday my back hurt so bad I had to change positions or chairs every 15 minutes.  Today at least I can settle down for about an hour in one place before things start to hurt too badly, so I consider that a vast improvement.

…except I have the legendary headache today and I think if I drink another Coke that I’ll float away. I think it’s high time I throw in the towel, take an Excedrin with all of its glorious caffeine and try to nap the rest of the day away.

Really looking forward to getting back to my normal routine!!!

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