I need a random title generator…

I finished the monumental task of casting the shawl back on.  I really looove the other cast on I found.  The back will look like purl stitches for the CO row, but that doesn’t bother me at all.  The tension on it is great, it was easy to develop a good rhythm with it, and it makes the cutest stripe around the edge.  I’ll probably be coming back to this one again and again for my double-knit needs.  The biggest lesson I learned with it is I waaay over-estimated how much yarn I’d need for the long-tail on this one; I probably have a tail that’s several times longer than I am tall.  Oopsie?


The yarn is holding up amazingly well considering I’ve knitted and pulled it over and over throughout the start of this project.

Our backyard has finally woke from the winter nap and I’m so excited to see more plants blooming and critters emerging.  Happiest of all, we have a red squirrel!  We have probably a hundred gray squirrels, but this is our first red and it’s a feisty little thing so I’ve been thoroughly entertained watching its antics and listening to it chitter.



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