It’s a Monday kind of Tuesday

Right on the brink of freezing and pouring down rain, today is probably a day better spent curled up in a nice, warm bed.

…especially if it keeps up with these kinds of shenanigans.

I ended up having to rip out the shawl and untangle and rewind the balls of yarn this morning.  The stitching was going great until there was a minor mishap of the most unexpected kind yesterday.

I have a really long lamp that clamps onto the edge of my desk and, as is typical with my luck, I was happily knitting away and the lamp decided to crash down on me.  Immediate reaction was to protect my head, so I jerked my hands and since the needles were packed…lucky me ended up dropping and then pulling almost 30 stitches in the middle of one of the rows.  There’s no way I have the brain-power or skills to fix that royal mess, so figured it would be so much easier to rip and restart since I was only a few rows in.

This time, though, I’m not going to do the standard invisible double-knit cast-on.  I’m going to go with one I found on YouTube.  It’s a bit more complicated and time consuming but I like the way the stitches look *and* I especially love, love, love that the stitches are nice and snugged down on the needle instead of kind of free floating like the invisible CO.  Should make the first row much less fiddly.

I cut out some fleece this morning to make a Nessie for CholyKnight’s April Crafting Challenge.  I know, I know, I put it off until the last minute but I’ve really not been in much of a sewing mood for some reason.  At least it’s cut out and ready to sew when the mood strikes!

I also used clipart to make a little lady gnome to match the feller from a few days ago.

Garden Gnome Female_export



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