Skipped week =X

Between guests and life, I completely forgot I was trying to start up a blog.  Oopsie.

The Lion King was fantastic, as expected.  I had a blast at the show and I enjoyed the guests we had much more than my social anxiety anticipated.

I went in for a routine glasses checkup a month or so back and my optometrist noticed my optic nerves are swollen (papilledema) and apparently pushing into my eyeballs.  I had to have some MRI scans taken on Tuesday to see if my new neuro-ophthalmologist can figure out what’s going on.  I haven’t had a MRI done in almost a decade and I forgot just how closed in they can be.  It wasn’t bad, other than trying to contort my line-backer shoulders into a space that was meant for tiny, petite people for half an hour.

Thankfully, no tumor was visible so now I get to face one of my biggest fears in life: a lumbar puncture.  I have issues with anybody touching my back as it is — most of my panic attacks actually begin with a stranger touching my back — so the thought of a needle going into it is TERRIFYING.

All of the stress had kicked off an episode of insomnia as well, so I’m thoroughly exhausted and unproductive.  Fun times!

I’m slowly knitting away at the shawl I’m working on; I really, really don’t like the invisible cast on for double-knit, so I think if I have to rip and redo this, I’ll just suck it up and go with something more decorative or visible.  I won’t know how much of a hot mess it is until I’m a few more rows in.

I did manage to venture into my sewing room long enough to pick out fabric for my next project so I’m ready to cozy up with one of my machines if motivation strikes soon…thinking of treadling this one.  I do so love the rhythm of treadling. ❤

As a final note, I finally issued a design challenge to my Facebook quilting group!  If I get enough entries of garden themed blocks, I’m going to make a quilt out of them and then run a Quilt Along using member generated blocks.  It should be a lot of fun, if we get participation.

I went ahead and designed a block too because I just couldn’t help myself.  I found a cute photo online (dead-end link on Pinterest so I can’t give proper credit :() and made a block off of it using Quilt Assistant.  I have EQ7 but I still prefer Quilt Assistant for this particular kind of design.  I’ve thought about adding a female gnome to it too but thought that may be too many pieces for quilters who may not be super comfortable with paper or foundation piecing.

I may or may not be the wee littlest bit obsessed with gnomes. 😀

Garden Gnome_export




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