Insanity is coming…

My cat gets me.  Just turn off the lights and let me sleep for a bit longer.  Preferably all day.


My Mom is hitching a ride coming to stay the weekend.  She’s bringing along two coworkers and their teenage nephew; I’ve met the guy once, his fiance and I went to the same school but I don’t know anything about her other than her this could prove interesting.  I’m hoping for fun, but will settle with interesting.  One of our friends is also coming up — he was here Monday/Tuesday as well to go see Neil deGrasse Tyson with us.  Yay for friends!

Point of all the guests flooding Little Miss Antisocial’s house?


Color me excited!  I’ve wanted to see this show for ages and the Broadway tour landed right tin my lap.  *happy dance*

As one can imagine, today has been a madhouse of cleaning and last minute projects to try to make our house habitable by seven people.  Two pull out couches, an air mattress in my sewing room, Mom will sleep with me, and poor hubs (gonna be lazy and alternate between calling him hubs and L) volunteered for the floor.  Total insanity.

There are bright sides!  Lion King is tomorrow!  Have I mentioned that already?

We’re having dim sum before the show.  Yummy!

L is helping with the frantic cleaning.

Projects are actually being down around the house.  I finally got the family tree photos up.  I painted the tree last summerish?  So yah, about time that the rest was finally put up.


A package arrived — woot!  It contained yarn and dishtowels I got to test/review.  Looking forward to that!  I love free and/or cheap stuff.  Plus, yarn always helps the stress melt away, right? 🙂






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