Kind of busy, but not really.

If I hadn’t managed to somehow sleep until almost noon today, I would’ve considered it a semi-productive day…but it wasn’t.  I needed a good sleep-in day.  We’re having a flood of visitors and events this month and I’m pretty socially awkward, so the pressure is mounting.  I handled all of it by pretending there is absolutely nothing wrong or stressful and slept like a rock.

…and then I just puttered around.

I wove in the ends of the scarf I just finished:


I still haven’t blocked it, but it’s pretty fun as it is so I may skip my least favorite part of working with yarn.  Ignore my homemade body form.  I may be pasty white, but I don’t glow quite as much as masking tape. >_>;  The pattern is a freebie on Ravelry: Narrow Crochet Skull Scarf by Karen Kaufmann.  I stitched it up using Lion Brand Sock-Ease yarn in Green Apple — it’s a bit itchy but hoping it’ll soften a bit after a good wash.  If not, I’m glad it’s just a scarf because it would drive my feet mad…but I don’t like socks anyway, so guess that isn’t much of a testimony.

I then broke out my yarn winder and wound up all the bits and remnants of yarn I had floating around from projects.  Word to the wise: Don’t let your cats anywhere near yarn remnants.  It’s a special land of knotted hell.

I also applied the final coat of Modge Podge to some wooden pictures I’ve been making for a family tree in our living room:


This particular photo is of my great-great grandparents.  I’ve been kind of lackadaisical about the edge applications because I really like that slightly roughed up look on the borders, but I’ve been careful with application around faces and interesting outfits.  The Modge Podge has made them nice and shiny now!  I love shiny.  🙂

…and no photos but I finally finished our cursed tax returns tonight!  Ours are unnecessarily insane to handle every year and we don’t get some of the forms we need until the end of March at the absolute earliest; I’m so glad my mom agrees to double-check them for me every year.  I think the universe anticipated the tax pain today because a magical package containing a bag of Pop Works Salted Caramel & Fudge Popcorn showed up today from PinchMe!  Definitely hit the spot, even if it is pretty salty.

Now, if my brain doesn’t give out on me first, back to casting on 720 stitches for that shawl!.  Eep!



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