Yarn delivery!

I can’t deny that my favorite daily moment is when I hear the rumble of the USPS truck pull around the corner.  I love, love, LOVE snail mail and especially packages!

…and best of all are packages full of crafting goodies!

Unfortunately there really isn’t a large crafting community or supply where I live.  There are some of the large, national retailers about 30 minutes away, but there really isn’t much variety.  I have a crazy hard time finding anything but worsted or bulky yarns — we even have one of the three Lion Brand stores in the nation in a nearby town and while they are incredibly friendly and helpful, most of the yarn was worsted and acrylic (update: they’ve now closed the Lion Brand store).  Acrylic yarn itches like there’s no tomorrow!  I try to avoid it like the plague.

So back to the reason of the post: today my latest order from KnitPicks showed up! I’ve been chomping at the bit waiting for this yarn so I’m super excited.

I ordered several skeins of Shine Sport (cotton and beech wood fiber) to make a shawl I’ve been drooling over for a bit.  I ended up picking Sailor and Robot so I could get a nice contrast without anything being too bright or attention seeking.  The yarn is super soft and silky feeling, so I can’t wait to start working with it!


The pattern for the shawl I’m making?  Yggdrasil, Tree of Life by Tania Richter.  I ultimately plan on making one of her fun dragon sweaters but thought I should refresh my double-knitting skills with a less intense project first.  Shawls are easier than sweaters, right? 😛

3 thoughts on “Yarn delivery!

  1. Oh cotton and beech wood is such an interesting combo! Have you swatched with it yet? I’m really curious what it’s like to work with!


    • You’ll have to forgive me, I’m by no means a professional and don’t know any of the terms I should, so hopefully the following will make sense. 🙂 I made a small crochet swatch, ripped, then knitted, and forth a few times, just to see how well it handed being worked with — it does generate just a barely noticeable amount of fuzz and the weave loosened a baby bit, but considering it went through several rounds of knitting and crocheting with the same piece of yarn, I’m crazy happy with it — especially if it’s any indication of how well it’s going to hold up in the wash. The yarn itself has a good glide (doesn’t stick to the needles or fingers like some others have in the past) and the swatches all ended up super soft and smooth. I also didn’t have any problems with splitting. As with most cottons, there’s very little, if any, stretch. I may be imagining it but it seems to take on a deep kind of shimmery shine when it’s stitched up but that could also be the horrible lighting. >_>;; Only gripe so far is that it only comes in 50g balls, so I’ll be joining a lot over the next 1600 yards.

      So, I guess my final opinion on it is: if I walked by this in a store and stuck my hands in it, I would’ve walked out with a lot more colors than just the two I ordered.

      Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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